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  • Schools Turn to Electric Locks

    Date posted: June 5, 2013

    Over the summer, Plainfield Disctrict 202 will outfit its 30 schools with electronic security systems as a safeguard against violent intruders.

    With the new system, the principal or a worker in the office at one of the schools could press a button that would alert the entire building to go into lockdown mode. Fire doors would swing shut to cut off the intruder’s path, and police would be alerted.

    After the Sandy Hook tragedy in December, alarm systems are a way to improve security and reassure parents. At $180,000, it is also a cheaper solution for the district.

    Other Chicago-area schools are taking higher security measures as well, though none and extensive as those of District 202. Many are changing locks on doors so they can lock from the inside, others are installing panic buttons, cameras, and remote locks.

    Unfortunately, many school districts don’t have the budget to get the most desired security systems, but it is good that these schools are taking a step toward ensuring the highest possible level of security for students.

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    Courtesy of The Chicago Tribune


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